Fall Asleep like a Baby & Wake Up Feeling Inspired Every Single Day!
*Without the Need for Drugs or Potions
Research-Backed, Evidence-Based Sleep Program for Women.
Are you struggling to lose weight?
Do you feel exhausted from a lack of sleep?
Are you reliant on coffee to get you through the day?
Do you find it hard to concentrate for long periods?

Did you answer YES to any of those?
Then you're in the right place!

Do you find insomnia creeps in at night-time? You toss and turn; your mind is an endless stream of thoughts. You wake up feeling dizzy and disconnected. You down a cup of coffee in the hope it will perk you up. And at work, all you can think of is crawling straight back into bed.

The last thing you feel like doing is catching up with friends.

You're short with your partner or loved ones.

Work has noticed that you're starting to fall behind with important tasks.

And you have zero motivation to exercise. I hear you say, ‘Don't even go there’.

But you're ready to get focused, improve your well-being and achieve your weight loss goals!

You've tried everything from sleep pills to rain sounds. But no matter what you've tried, you keep ending back at step 1. Deflated.

It's exhausting and downright frustrating.

But what if there was a way to reclaim your life?

A way to improve your life so you're the best version of yourself.

There is a way. I'll let you into a secret; it's through your sleep!

Did you know that 1 in 3 women are sleep deprived?

Lack of sleep is the most common cause of weight gain in women, and this is due to hormonal imbalances.

Yep, those complex, intriguing hormones are back at it again. Influencing your overall well-being.

Leptin is the hormone that tells you to stop eating, and when you're sleep-deprived, you have less leptin production, which leads to overproduction in ghrelin – your hunger hormone.

More ghrelin plus less leptin equals weight gain. Eeek!

And not only that being severely sleep-deprived increases your chance of.
  • Loss of focus (car crash risks are increased by x3)
  • Lower sex drive
  • Depression
  • ​Reduced immune system function

The missing link for female weight loss

Your sleep plays a vital part in keeping your hormones balanced.

So, if you're struggling to lose weight and have no energy throughout the day, chances are you are sleep deprived.

Just 5 nights of good quality sleep:

  • Helps achieve healthy and rapid weight loss
  • Improves perceived energy levels
  • ​Improves decision making
  • ​​Enhances learning capacity
  • ​​Improves planning skills & focus
  • ​​Enhances executive cognitive function
  • ​Increases productivity
  • ​Improves creativity
  • ​​Improve short term memory
  • ​​A good night's sleep reduces facial lines and wrinkles!​

Let me show you how!

Discover the world's first rejuvenating sleep program designed specifically for women.

Hi, I'm Stephanie Meades, a women's holistic health and sleep optimization coach. I help women understand, assess, and fix their sleep struggles through in-depth analysis of:

  • ​Why your bed, furniture, devices, and even your curtains can be causing a poor night's sleep.
  • ​​Why your bed, furniture, devices, and even your curtains can be causing a poor night's sleep.
  • ​How to sleep auditing determines which factors are causing poor sleep and weight gain.
  • ​What is Light Cycling, and how can it influence your sleeping and waking cycle?
  • ​How to align with the body's natural Circadian Rhythm, and why is this so important?
  • ​​What stimulants should you look out for, and how do they impede your ability to rest deeply?
  • ​​How do screens and blue light affect our sleep, and what time should you disconnect?
  • ​What are 'Sleep Rituals', and why is discipline around your bedtime so critical?
  • ​What is the Infradian Rhythm, and how does this natural female-specific rhythm influence your sleep?
  • ​What are the 4 Pillars of Sleep, and how do they hold the secrets to a good night's sleep?
  • ​Which foods a harmful to sleep, and which foods can promote a night of better sleep?
  • ​​What is Melatonin, how does it significantly affect your sleep quality and how you can naturally produce more of it?

Natalie Stirling

Stephanie helped me get to the bottom of my Anxiety, my IBS And my emotional highs and lows.

Stephanie understands the female body like no one I've ever come across. I trust Steph more than any doctor or specialist I've met.

Stephanie has given me so much knowledge and tools in this area, which I continue to use throughout my life.

I see you...

I've been in your shoes and felt defeated. I couldn't hit my goals, I kept trying again and again, but I was exhausted. My sleep schedule was horrible; I was awake at 2am in the morning and falling asleep at 3pm in the afternoon.

I used to work hard in a high-performance corporate role here in Australia. Through my sheer will and determination, I succeeded in many areas professionally.

I was good at what I did, passionate and dedicated. But trying to fit myself into a fast-paced corporate world eventually led to my losing my inner harmony.

So, I decided to make a change. I couldn't live my life like this any longer.

I studied the female body, learned about my own body, tried, and failed, and then tried again. Until I discovered the science behind weight gain for women. 

And why it affects so many women across the globe.

I have helped hundreds of women reclaim their health. To reach their goals and feel on top of the world again.


  • Reprogram your mind and body using meditation, diet and lifestyle modifications, sleep-cycle tracking and other science-based tools to achieve deeper quality sleep every single night.
  • ​​Transform your poor sleep habits into easy to apply new routines to help you lose weight and optimize your performance.
  • Discover the latest science of sleep for women so you can identify your unique sleep needs.
  • ​Learn how to recalibrate your natural circadian rhythm in as little as 7 days.
  • ​Uncover the myths about sleep and learn simple mental reframing techniques to build more empowering beliefs about your sleep habits.
  • ​Access powerful guides and templates to create your very own personalised sleep optimization plan.
  • Implement our new sleep tracking tool to immediately improve your sleep and keep your rest on track.
  • Discover the critical sleep hacks to curb jet lag, optimize power napping, reduce the adverse effects of shift work, and how sleep supplementation can mess with your sleep rather than enhance it.
  • ​​Utilize our Sleep Supplement guidebook to know the right natural supplements for women to help your get on track and stay on track.
  • ​​With a whole lot less stress and burnout!

Carly Dunne

Before I started working with Stephanie, I was worried that I would open a can of worms I wasn't ready to completely commit myself to, but Stephanie has been so supportive and made everything manageable with her individualized approach.

Together we have chipped away at my health in stages and at the times that I have been ready to do so. Stephanie is the master at knowing when to challenge me and when to allow me time to take it slower.

Stephanie knows her stuff through a combination of thorough research and tried and tested practices. She is passionate, intuitive, and uplifting. There is no one else I have found that comes close to offering the unique support to women that she can.

Stephanie was able to look at what I had already done, and instead of repeating what I had already heard, she was able to help me take my health to the next level and discover why all the other "textbook" strategies weren't working for me.

Thank you, Stephanie, from the bottom of my heart. You have put things in motion in my life that can never be undone, and for that, I will be forever grateful. I know things now that I have never considered before, and it all makes so much sense.
Today is the day to turn your life around. To feel rested, motivated, and excited for the future!
Are you ready for a change?

Commit to yourself for 7-days and commit to a healthier future. Imagine your future self; she's smiling, she's confident and full of life every day. 

Are you ready for her?
I had never done anything like this before so I was a little uncertain. I wanted to lose weight and not feel hungry all the time. Since working with Stephanie I have lost 10 kilos and kept it off for almost two years now!
I am so thankful every day that I made the decision to call Stephanie. It really has changed my life. While other women my age (50) are currently having all sorts of peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms, I’m feeling great!

Justine Doorn-McCormack

I didn’t want a one-size-fits-all approach.
Stephanie provides personalised, tailored, supportive advice that is holistic and helped me be strong and focus on what I needed to do to meet my goals.

Debra Murphy

Here's what's included in the Challenge:

7 days of Daily Coaching with Stephanie

Daily training modules and activities to help you stay focused and make daily progress over 7 days (Valued at $350)

Sleep Optimization MP3 Meditation

Daily practice has scientifically proven to reprogram your sleep habits (Valued at $35)

The Sleep Optimization Workbook

Given you all the tools and resources, you need to fully optimize your sleep within the 7 days (Valued at $50)

Your own Individualised Sleep Optimization Plan

A comprehensive plan with proven tools to help you succeed, allowing you to start where you are at and choose actions that align with your lifestyle and sleep goals (Valued at $35)

Your Personalised Sleep Diary

To keep track of your waking and sleep life (Valued at $35)

The Sleep Quality Audit

To help you identify and remove the factors contributing to poor sleep (Valued at $15)

Yoga Poses For Sleep Optimization

Utilizing the ancient practice of yoga, we show you the most powerful poses to reclaim your natural sleep-wake rhythm (Valued at $25)

Breathwork for Sleep Optimization

Easy to follow techniques for deep and profound relaxation (Valued at $25)

Sleep Supplementation Guidebook

Discover the secret tools to enhance your sleep (Valued at $35)

The Sleep Diet Guide

Learn the essential foods to add and remove for optimal sleep performance. (Valued at $25)

Everything you need to lose weight, maximize your energy, and start sleeping like a baby again!

Total Value = $630.00

But it's yours today for only $27!

I want to see you radiant and happy, so I'm offering my favourite program at a huge discount for a short time only.

Jane Fullerton-Smith

Stephanie identified things other doctors hadn’t...

I was low in iodine, and after 100's tests, this hadn't been picked up. Stephanie has a sixth sense when it comes to optimizing women's health and consistently knows precisely what the female body needs to reach its full potential at all stages of life. She has helped my daughters and me fully embrace their female biology to go on to thrive and flourish in life.

I recommend Stephanie widely.... she is so knowledgeable about our inner workings on a whole other level.

I guarantee this challenge will turn your sleep around and help you powerfully start moving in the right direction. In fact, I'm giving you a 100% money-back guarantee just to help you across the line.

I've intentionally made this challenge as easy as possible for you to join. And remember, it's super simple; if after 7 days in this challenge, you're not 100% happy with your results, simply email us at hello@stephaniemeades.com, and we will refund your $27.
So, what do I need from you?

Just your full commitment to this program!

I want to see you succeed, to show up for yourself 100%. So, I ask you to provide a copy of your completed workbook tasks and Sleep Optimization plan. This will help me see if there are any additional suggestions, I can make for you along the sleep optimization journey.

Today is the day to turn your life around and start feeling deeply rested and at peace in every area of your life!

You will:
  • Fall asleep faster.
  • ​Wake less often.
  • ​Spend less time awake.
  • ​Spend more time sleeping.
  • ​Feel energetic & be more productive.
  • ​Live a positive, happier, healthier life.
Go ahead, click the little button below and I’ll see you on the inside!

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I felt I needed to constantly push, wrangle and control my body and mind to work at a consistently high level of performance that matched the mold of what ‘high performance’ and ‘success’ looked like based on my social and cultural conditioning, rather than honoring and trusting my body’s unique natural rhythms to find my flow-state.
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